We are coming home!

We have finally made the decision to do it. Going home…

We are now in Malaysia and we have found out that distance is mostly a mental thing. With “only” two countries to go, it feels like our trip is almost finished. But how far is it really from here to Tasmania? And how far would it be from Cape Town to Amsterdam? Right, it is more or less the same! Considering the adventure factor and the fact that Australia is terribly expensive and a country where we hopefully still can go when we are 75 we have just confirmed our bike shipping to Cape Town. We will be driving back home through South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Taking a boat from Alexandria to Venice. We still plan to arrive in Europe at the beginning of September. If it all works out two of our good friends will be joining us on their motorbikes and it’ll be 4fortheroad… All the best to you all!

Merijn and Els

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